Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Say They’re Unsubscribing, For Now

Image: Microsoft Typically, when Game Pass starts trending, it’s either because it scored a killer game or some influencers concocted a viral “joke” that ultimately does nothing other than hand a $2 trillion corporation two days of free marketing. Over the past few days, however, Microsoft’s games-on-demand program started trending for another reason: Players say … Read more

‘Starfield’ And ‘Redfall’ Delays Are Bad News But Is Xbox Doomed?

Bethesda’s premiere 2022 releases have been delayed. Credit: Bethesda No doubt, the fact that Bethesda’s two big Xbox and PC exclusives have been delayed into 2023 is bad news for Microsoft and Xbox gamers. Starfield was supposed to come out on 11/11/22—a release date that was apparently set “in ink, not pencil” according to Bethesda … Read more

Xbox’s Reputation Suffers Following Starfield, Redfall Delays

Image: Bethesda Riding the bus of video game fandom should come with a seatbelt warning. To wit: Last month, it seemed like everyone was losing their minds over Microsoft gobbling up half the industry. Now, in the wake of some major delays, it’s all “Dead console!!!” this and “Xbox has no exclusives!!!” that. Hope you’ve … Read more

Why Xbox Game Pass should bring in Ubisoft+ Classics, given delay of Starfield

Ubisoft+ was announced at the start of 2022 as all the current games released by the French publishing house are available for a bargain monthly rate. The system essentially works the same way as the Xbox Game Pass, but the monthly rates and roster of games are vastly different. Ubisoft has also announced Ubisoft+ Classics, … Read more

With Starfield and Redfall’s delay, why Xbox should add Gotham Knights as day one release on the Game Pass

With its October release, Gotham Knights might be a knight in shining armor for Xbox and Game Pass based on yesterday’s events. Starfield and Redfall are two of the most anticipated games to be released towards the end of 2022. As announced by Bethesda, both titles have now been shifted to 2023, citing production demands … Read more

PlayStation Says it Would Need to Reduce Game Budgets to Rival Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation believes it would need to reduce the quality and budgets in order to release AAA exclusives on its tiered PlayStation Plus service. Xbox Game Pass has been a major game-changer for the industry in recent years. The subscription service gives players access to hundreds of games at no extra cost and automatically allows users … Read more

Fortnite Returns to Mobile Again Through Xbox Cloud Gaming

Image: Chris Delmas / AFP (Getty Images) Now you can play Fortnite wherever there’s an internet connection. Microsoft announced today that Epic Games’ flagship title is now available to play for free through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, including on mobile. Right now, the game is available in 26 countries, including the US and Mexico. … Read more

New Xbox Job Listing Hints at More Acquisitions After Activision Blizzard

The internet pretty much exploded the day Microsoft announced its intent to purchase Activision Blizzard. The Xbox merger isn’t expected to go through until sometime next year, and it still has potential hurdles to clear, first. However, a new job posting from Microsoft would seem to confirm that the company is looking at even more … Read more

Veteran Xbox Dev For Game Pass Leaves Microsoft After 19 Years

Microsoft’s head of Xbox research and design, Chris Novak, will leave the company after nearly two decades, he announced yesterday. The veteran console architect was a leading creative force in a division that oversaw the creation of everything from achievements to Game Passa service that upended the way many people buy and play games. “I … Read more