How To Play Netflix Games On iPhone, Android

Image: Digital Sun Yes, Netflix has some excellent games, but no one’s playing them. According to a recent report, less than 1 percent of people who subscribe to the streaming service actually avail themselves of its free games. That stat surely isn’t helped by the process you’ve gotta go through to play, which, while not … Read more

Hideo Kojima Appears During Xbox Stream To Tease Announcement

Screenshot: Xbox / Kotaku Today, during Microsoft’s large Xbox and Bethesda video game showcase event, well-known game director and cinema lover Hideo Kojima appeared to announce he’s working with Xbox on his next game, and uh…hmmm… Microsoft spent nearly an hour today showcasing countless trailers and teasers for a laundry list of video games, most … Read more

Microsoft Claims 50 Games Coming To Xbox In 2022 And 2023

Microsoft aired this graphic during its annual Xbox press conference.Screenshot: Microsoft / Kotaku Six months into the year, Xbox’s release calendar is looking slim. Fresh off the heels of an absolutely banger 2021Microsoft hasn’t released a single first-party tentpole in 2022. But that’s all set to change, Microsoft assured viewers today during Its big splashy … Read more

Minecraft Devs Canned Fireflies After Frog Fan Feedback

Image: Mojang / Kotaku Minecraft’s next big update is called The Wild Update and it will add a ton of new nature-related content to the game. However, no fireflies! The glowing little buggers, which were planned to be the food supply for the newly added frogs, got cut from the planned update after Mojang received … Read more

Fortnite Returns to Mobile Again Through Xbox Cloud Gaming

Image: Chris Delmas / AFP (Getty Images) Now you can play Fortnite wherever there’s an internet connection. Microsoft announced today that Epic Games’ flagship title is now available to play for free through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, including on mobile. Right now, the game is available in 26 countries, including the US and Mexico. … Read more

Wonderlands Crossplay Still Broken, So Just Buy A New Console

Image: Gearbox / Xbox / Kotaku Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was released on March 25. At launch, the game suffered from numerous server issues and problems with lag. Eventually, a lot of that was fixed. However, 38 days later, crossplay across certain platforms is still a mess. And so, tired of waiting for the crossplay woes … Read more

For PS5 and Xbox Achievement Hunters, This Game Is Torture

Screenshot: Crows Crows Crows / Kotaku 2013 PC indie darling The Stanley Parable released its revised, multiplatform, expanded Ultra Deluxe update yesterday, which in itself is a remarkably strange act. This version of the game, which may as well be considered a sequel given how much is new, is a Möbius strip of meta within … Read more

Transphobic GTA V Content Pulled From PS5, Xbox Series X Ports

Image: Rockstar Games / Kotaku The recently released PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Grand Theft Auto V seem to be missing some content that was considered by many to be transphobic. These elements had received criticism from some players and players, though Rockstar Games has not commented publicly on what motivated the decision … Read more

Another PS5 Console Exclusive Comes To Xbox Series X And ​​S

Screenshot: Young Horses At this point, it’s fair to assume that any proclamations of “console exclusivity” should be taken with an entire deer lick of salt. The PlayStation 5 launch title Bugsnax comes out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 28, as part of the Game Pass library, developer Young Horses announced. … Read more

Halo Infinite Season Two Out May 3 On Xbox, PC

Screenshot: 343 Industries For a while now, the prevailing narrative around Halo Infinite is that interest in the game, once confidently perched at the summit of Mt. First-Person Shooter, has fallen off a precipice. But that stands poised to change when season two, “Lone Wolves,” rolls around on May 3. Folks, it sounds (and looks) … Read more