Sony Debuts Inzone PC Gaming Headsets and Monitors

Sony Inzone headset and monitorPhoto: Michelle Ehrhardt/Gizmodo Sony is expanding its gaming footprint beyond the console with a family of monitors and headphones debuting under a new brand called “Inzone.” To be clear, these are not Playstation products. They are meant for both console and PC gamers, Sony’s “Pulse” headset, which was made exclusively for … Read more

Minecraft Reveals New Ice Age DLC

Minecraft fans have a new collaboration DLC to check out, this time based on the Ice Age film franchise. The DLC features 30 new skins, including fan favorites like Sid, Manny, Diego, and Ellie. The DLC also features a number of different locations from the films, and a collecting mission that tasks players with finding … Read more

Minecraft’s The Wild Update Gets a Release Date

Following a reveal from October 2021, Minecraft’s The Wild update now has a release date. The next big update for Mojang’s game will now be out on June 7th with the developer offering a summation of its contents alongside the release date announcement for those who may not have been keeping up with all its … Read more

How To Legit Buy A Next-Gen Console

Photo: Charly Triballeau (Getty Images) Trying to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 remains a fool’s errand. Stock sells out as soon as it becomes available. When it pops up from unofficial retailers, it does so with a staggering markup. The scarcity is driven by a bunch of factors: by bots, which scoop up … Read more

Minecraft Players Frustrated After The Wild Feature Gets Cut

Minecraft was going to add fireflies in its update called “The Wild” whenever that update was ready to release, but that feature is no longer planned. Mojang confirmed in a video towards the end of April that the feature had been scrapped, but given that it wasn’t highlighted as well as it apparently could’ve been, … Read more

PlayStation Says it Would Need to Reduce Game Budgets to Rival Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation believes it would need to reduce the quality and budgets in order to release AAA exclusives on its tiered PlayStation Plus service. Xbox Game Pass has been a major game-changer for the industry in recent years. The subscription service gives players access to hundreds of games at no extra cost and automatically allows users … Read more

New Xbox Series X Controller Colors Include Hot Pink, Tartan

Image: Microsoft I don’t own an Xbox Series X/S yet. I’ve been tempted, but my PS5 has held me over enough to not feel any urgency to go green. However, that changed a bit this week after Microsoft revealed two glorious new colors for the Xbox Series X/S controller. Revealed today on Microsoft’s website is … Read more

Where to buy PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch in April 2022

It certainly hasn’t been easy trying to find a PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch over the last few years. Due to the global chip shortage, current generation hardware such as the PS5 and Xbox have been quite difficult to find online or in stores. It’s a frustrating situation, as the demand for these … Read more

16 Best Deals: Games, Gaming Gear, Headphones, and Accessories

with the release of Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring, it’s been a big couple of weeks for AAA games. But even if you’re not neck-deep in either of these titles by now, it’s a great weekend to pick up some discounted games, headphones, or other gaming accessories. Have a look below to expand your … Read more

New PlayStation Plus: Sony’s belated answer to Xbox Game Pass

In the eight years between 2002, when Xbox Live first launched and demanded a monthly payment for online play, and 2010, when PlayStation Plus first launched, Sony was busy mocking Microsoft for demanding payment for the service. Sony was basically comforting its fans with the “privilege” of playing online for free, which has never been … Read more