Razer Launches the Leviathan V2 X PC Soundbar: Worth It at $100?

Urian B.Tech Times 26 September 2022, 12:09 am Razer is no stranger to cool gaming accessories and although it usually launches gaming headsets, it is now selling a soundbar called the Leviathan V2 X PC Soundbar. The soundbar carries the signature Razer logo with RGB additions and more. Razer is Selling the Leviathan V2 X … Read more


ROCCAT, Turtle Beach’s (Nasdaq: HEAR) award-winning PC gaming peripherals brand, today revealed the all-new Vulcan II Mini Optical-Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard. The latest addition to ROCCAT’s highly lauded range of Vulcan keyboards, the Vulcan II Mini furthers the brand’s keyboard evolution with groundbreaking features, including the world’s first Dual LED Smart Keys, and improved TITAN … Read more

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date Revealed

The open-world role-playing game Tower of Fantasy is officially set to release globally on August 10th, developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite announced today. The video game has earned comparisons to competitor Genshin Impact Due to its anime-inspired aesthetic, but the actual gameplay is fairly significantly different. The basic gameplay loop of Tower of … Read more

Go beyond limits as Armaggeddon launches its new Showroom and Experience Center for the complete sensory experience

SINGAPORE, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore’s best-loved PC builder, Armaggeddon, will officially launch its Showroom and Experience Center on the 25th of June 2022 at 1 Kallang Sector #03-05. With over 11 years of showcasing excellence in the industry, Armaggeddon, owned by Leapfroglobal, Continues to be dedicated to providing the best and latest gaming … Read more

PC Gaming Headsets Market to Deliver Prominent Growth & Striking Opportunities Scenario Highlighting Major Drivers & Trends 2021-2026

The research report of the PC Gaming Headsets market sheds light on key growth stimulants and opportunities influencing the growth matrix of the industry over 2021-2026. It also covers the challenges that will impact the profitability graph of the business sphere over the analysis period and includes measures to combat their impact. Taking the analysis … Read more

Minecraft Reveals New Ice Age DLC

Minecraft fans have a new collaboration DLC to check out, this time based on the Ice Age film franchise. The DLC features 30 new skins, including fan favorites like Sid, Manny, Diego, and Ellie. The DLC also features a number of different locations from the films, and a collecting mission that tasks players with finding … Read more

Minecraft players frustrated as 1.19 update overpromises and underdelivers, again

▲ Image: Mojang Minecraft updates are a big deal, as you’d expect with the most popular game in the world. Mojang doesn’t charge for their big, game changing expansions either, which makes the game uniquely good value in many ways, and normally means the players are happy too, as you’d expect from a group that … Read more

Minecraft’s The Wild Update Gets a Release Date

Following a reveal from October 2021, Minecraft’s The Wild update now has a release date. The next big update for Mojang’s game will now be out on June 7th with the developer offering a summation of its contents alongside the release date announcement for those who may not have been keeping up with all its … Read more

The Best SteelSeries Headsets in 2022

If you mainly use your home theater for watching movies, you probably have a soundbar or surround-sound speakers to have the most satisfying sound experience possible. However, things are different when you’re a gamer because many prefer to hear their audio from a headset. SteelSeries is among the most famous brands that produce accessories and … Read more

SkyDoesMinecraft is attempting to sell YouTube channel for $900K following abuse claims

YouTuber Adam Dahlberg is under fire from the streaming community after attempting to sell his SkyDoesMinecraft YouTube channel for $900K. SkyDoesMinecraft is one of Dalberg’s many YouTube channels. This one is definitely a success, boasting 11.2 million subscribers and 600K views per month. While this all sounds great from an outsider’s perspective, YouTuber SunnyV2 decided … Read more