Internet Mourns Passing Of Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade At 23

Image: Technoblade / Minecraft Technoblade (or Techno for short), a popular Minecraft YouTuber and internet personality with over 11 million followers on the video-creating platform, passed away on June 30 after losing his battle against cancer. He was just 23 years old. Technoblade, whose real name is Alex, created his YouTube channel in October 2013, … Read more

Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber and streamer, dies from cancer aged 23

Home World Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber and streamer, dies from cancer aged 23 With over 10 million YouTube followers, Technoblade shot to fame by livestreaming and posting videos of himself playing the sandbox video game. Technoblade kept his personal life under wraps and little is known about him apart from his online avatar which was a … Read more

Dream addresses Minecraft star Technoblade’s death after battling cancer

In a YouTube post, dream recently wrote about Minecraft star Technoblade’s death due to cancer. He gave his prize to Techno’s family and appreciated him wholeheartedly. He expressed his utmost sadness and anger towards the disease that took Techno’s life. Millions of fans joined in with Dream, offering offering and resonating with him. One of … Read more

Who was Technoblade? Minecraft YouTuber dies at 23 after heartbreaking final message to fans

Minecraft streamer and YouTube content creator Alexander “Alex”, better known by his online pseudonym Technoblade passed away at the age of 23 after one year of battle with cancer. Technoblade had been battling cancer since July 2021. In a YouTube video titled, “so long nerds”, his father shared a message from his son announcing the … Read more

Minecraft Legends will likely not be free on release

A few days ago, Mojang announced Minecraft Legends, a new action strategy game arriving in 2023. The title follows the invasion of the Overworld by an army of piglins, and players must unite the disparate mobs and groups in the Overworld and rise up against the invaders. Despite not releasing until 2023, many Minecraft fans … Read more

List of all tools that can be enchanted in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft’s reputation as one of the most expansive games of all time is largely unrivaled by most other games. Since it is a survival game, there are tons of mobs, items, weapons, armor, and other entities. One of the most unique classes of items in the game is the collection of four tools. These tools … Read more

3 mini-games that have been retired from the Minecraft Championships (MCC)

Mini-games are what make up each of the nine rounds of the Minecraft Championships. Some of these games have become more beloved than others, such as Battle Box and HITW, while others have been retired as early on as Minecraft Championship 6. The Minecraft Championships, or MCC, are a series of invite-only events that have … Read more

Minecraft Redditor pulls off narrow escape from certain death

There are things that players can do to prepare for their visit to the Nether. Fire Resistance potions, Fire Protection enchantments, and more can be useful. However, even with those, death comes quickly, as one Minecraft Redditor almost found out on June 29. They were seconds away from a lava death and somehow made an … Read more