5 massive upcoming open-world games for Android and iOS you should try out in 2022-23

Open-world games have been dominating consoles and PCs for over a decade now, but they are now slowly taking over the mobile gaming platform. 2022 has already been a crazy year for new open-world titles offering more freedom to mobile gamers than ever. What remains of 2022 also has a lot in store for all … Read more

A mixed bag of positives and negatives

On a personal level, I don’t really wear earbuds often, but I was very interested in the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid. After all, EPOS made my favorite gaming headset and has made several quality microphones. With that in mind, I put these hybrid earbuds through the paces to see how I felt about them. One … Read more

iOS tips and tricks for everyday use

The operating software on Apple devices is quite remarkable. iOS has many features that go unnoticed, which would make users’ lives easier and increase productivity. Many of the simple features are not known by the average user. With the release of every iteration of iOS, new useful features are added that are not always in … Read more

best 7.1 gaming headsets to buy in 2022

For gaming, a good headset is a necessity that has balanced audio, which does not require much tweaking from the user’s side. First-person games (FPS) make the most of headsets because they help locate enemies, and high-quality ones do so with accuracy, assisting gamers and giving them an advantage. While gaming casually, headphones with surround … Read more

Are wireless gadgets better than wired for gaming

Today, the major difference between wired and wireless gadgets only seems to be comfort while having minor dissimilarities in performance. The gadget’s performance hugely depends on the connection type, which could be Bluetooth or a dedicated wireless USB dongle. Usually, devices connected via a 2.4GHz dongle are faster and more reliable. Interestingly, there has been … Read more

What is Stumble Guys? Meet the Fall Guys clone topping charts on IOS and Play Store

Fall Guys is again on the rise ever since it decided to become a free-to-play title and made its debut on Nindo Switch and Xbox. Many titles are being ported over to mobile devices, but that’s not the case with Mediatonic, at least for the time being. Amidst all this, there seems to be a … Read more

Which one should you choose for gaming?

To have the best reaction times in games, you need the best monitors with high refresh rates. The fastest mice, keyboards, headsets, and PC components significantly affect your reaction times for the better, but upgrading your monitor arguably makes the most significant difference when it comes to gaming. For FPS games, where every millisecond is … Read more

Dream addresses Minecraft star Technoblade’s death after battling cancer

In a YouTube post, dream recently wrote about Minecraft star Technoblade’s death due to cancer. He gave his prize to Techno’s family and appreciated him wholeheartedly. He expressed his utmost sadness and anger towards the disease that took Techno’s life. Millions of fans joined in with Dream, offering offering and resonating with him. One of … Read more

Minecraft Legends will likely not be free on release

A few days ago, Mojang announced Minecraft Legends, a new action strategy game arriving in 2023. The title follows the invasion of the Overworld by an army of piglins, and players must unite the disparate mobs and groups in the Overworld and rise up against the invaders. Despite not releasing until 2023, many Minecraft fans … Read more