5 massive upcoming open-world games for Android and iOS you should try out in 2022-23

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How to download Tower of Fantasy on PC and Mobile (Android & iOS)

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What is Stumble Guys? Meet the Fall Guys clone topping charts on IOS and Play Store

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SkyDoesMinecraft selling channels amid ongoing allegations

The YouTube channel for SkyDoesMinecraft, currently known as SkyDoesEverything or NetNebody, has reportedly been posted for sale. Former Minecraft YouTuber Adam Dahlberg is selling his YouTube channels, including his main one, which boasts over 11 million subscribers. The news comes months after he was accused of abusing and assaulting multiple women by his former partner … Read more

Why Xbox Game Pass should bring in Ubisoft+ Classics, given delay of Starfield

Ubisoft+ was announced at the start of 2022 as all the current games released by the French publishing house are available for a bargain monthly rate. The system essentially works the same way as the Xbox Game Pass, but the monthly rates and roster of games are vastly different. Ubisoft has also announced Ubisoft+ Classics, … Read more

What platforms will Arma Reforger be available on? Xbox exclusivity explained

Based on a leaked Bohemia Interactive document, Arma Reforger will be a brand new game that fans will be able to avail. Reports of a sequel to the third game of the series have been confirmed a long way back, as Bohemia Interactive prepares to showcase it on May 17. If the recently leaked document … Read more

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Why Starfield needs to meet player expectations at Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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